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the country following today's devastating ♪ ♪ let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead the all-new subaru impreza®. ♪ ♪ experience love that lasts. >> the terror caused by a mass outbreak of tornadoes. >> we had to run and the house. >> major damage, from the deep south to the midwest. >> and now the growing death toll. am i am glad to be alive.
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>> what the problems have just begun. -- why the problems have just begun. >> let's get to the breaking news from the tennessee valley, where the death toll has climbed to as many as 27. from indiana to tennessee alabama, the tornado touched down and destroy that small towns. we have complete coverage with senior meteorologist bob ryan, but first, horace holmes is in the satellite center with the latest on the damage and the graphic video. >> photographers from all over captured video. as you watch, it is frightening how deadly the twisters are. this is one of the twisters as it crosses southern indiana beginning its path of destruction in henryville. the tv crew capturing this
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footage had to seek shelter. bu>> we are inside. >> the wind, lightning and hail. after the storm blew through indiana -- >> there was debris everywhere. i thought it was a dream. >> this is what was left behind, 300 homes destroyed several people killed. at a high school was blown apart. >> the teacher said it was going to be bad. >> in indiana emergency crews are still scrambling. >> they are looking to see if there are victims trapped. they have their work cut out. >> indiana officials say henryville was wiped out. the huge storms pass through the midwest and south starting today in northern alabama. this is amateur ville of the storm in hyattsville. >> it was almost like it was
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lifting the roof off. >> the storms passed through 17 states, from alabama to parts of ohio. we will have a live report from tennessee on the damage later in this newscast. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> as we monitor the destruction in the midwest the storms are not over. people could be dealing with more problems in the next few hours. there is heavy rain in this region. let's get to senior meteorologist bob ryan for the latest. >> compared with what we have just seen, and we will see more of tomorrow, we have gotten off on the ec side. -- we have gotten off on the ec side. the tremendous storms are moving to our area. the worst are still to the southeast, out pressing into georgia. local doppler radar around washington the rumble of
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thunder. this is nothing like the severe storms. a bit of lightning. also, the temperatures, into the 40's. as the ferocious storms came over the mountains of west virginia they ran into the colder air which has really diminished the power. nonetheless, local rain and flood watches. so far a quarter inch, half- inch of rain, the wind gusts at the elementary school, every education center only 20 miles per hour. the big factor has been the temperatures, into the 40's. showers and rumbles of thunder overnight, but nothing compared to the weather that has been happening all the way from ohio into alabama. i will show dramatic pictures of what the tornados have done an incredible hail, as well as new things we are learning with the doppler and what has really been able to track these tornadoes.
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>> let's get the latest, bought a firsthand account. it would continue our coverage with abc news and smith hill, tennessee. what is the situation like there tonight? >> this gives an idea of the type of destruction the tornado is capable of. this happened wednesday. one 69-year-old woman was killed when the roof of her home collapsed. this was a horrible day overall for the entire midwest and also the deep south. right now we have at least 19 confirmed dead, five and kentucky, which has declared a state of emergency. really the entire south and midwest just got hammered. there were literally dozens of twisters. leon? >> what is the plan for the rest
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of the night? you have been there a couple hours. what is happening this evening? >> most folks are cleaning up. unfortunately, there are also search and rescue operations happening in certain parts of tennessee, southern indiana where at least six people are confirmed killed. the storms in central tennessee have blown east. that is no longer a concern, but picking up the pieces not just the debris, but also looking for folks who are missing in this huge tornado alley. >> that was live from tennessee. thank you so much. closer to home, following breaking news from the district. we have confirmed the fbi raided the office of a prominent figure who has helped finance the campaigns of a number of d.c. politicians. sam ford is live outside of the wilson building with the details
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that you will only see here on abc 7. sam artest? >> sources say the fbi raided the home and offices of d.c. businessman jeffrey thompson and jean harris. thomson's company is a big medicaid contract to what the city. he has been a big contributor to vincent gray. also kwame brown and former mayor adrian fenty. the fbi would not comment. the u.s. attorney issued a statement, saying that law enforcement activities were conducted today as part of an ongoing investigation. we can confirm that no arrests were made today and no charges have been filed as of this time. both thompson and harris have been associated with several campaigns. questions have been raised about irregularities in the campaigns of both mayor gray and chairman brown. no word over whether these rates are connected with the fbi's
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investigation of those campaigns. sam ford, reporting live from the newsroom. >> thank you. i ask to see you in the newsroom. we are following the latest on a developing story, tying sex with john leopold. he was indicted on charges about his use of the police. richard reeve is live and annapolis with the latest on this still-unfolding case. >> leon, it is safe to say these documents have sent shock waves across the county, the notion that a city and county executive is being and that it has upset many people. now the man at the center of this says he has done nothing wrong. from the annapolis streets to the county office building -- >> it is appalling. i'm embarrassed. >> county executive john leopold has been indicted on multiple counts of misconduct, shocking
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many. babbitt is a sad situation. -- >> it is a sad situation. >> in these court documents leopold is accused of using a police security detail to drive him to sexual encounters with a female friend in a parking lot. >> an employee should never have relations with someone like that. >> he directed the officer to remain in the same parking lot but at some distance away, while he and a woman engaged in sexual activities. the woman is a county employee. the indictment said leopold directed on the protection of cursor's to create documents forepersons that he viewed as political challengers. >> sadly, i think we are hearing this too much, people in power taking advantage. >> leopold has denied the allegations, saying that he will fight the charges. >> i cannot comment on the specifics. at the proper forum is in the courts.
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>> for many, this is a day of disappointment. and i hope the truth comes out but it seems like there is glaring evidence against him. >> the documents also say that leopold used officers in his security detail to keep his live-in girlfriend and another woman apart during conjugal visits. at the cost of that, 170 hours of overtime, $10,000. no date has been set for the trial on this matter. >> the growing controversy involving explicit comments made by rush limbaugh. today, president obama reached out to the georgetown university law student who was verbally attacked by limbaugh. he called sandra fluke a slut and prostitute after she testified in defense of president obama's defectinsurance plan that would have allowed money
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for contraceptives. and he expressed support for me and he said that he hoped my parents were proud of me. that said something. he said as a father, he understood how they would feel. >> there have been called for them all's sponsors to pull their ads from the show. at least two companies are doing so. >> coming up, heavy rain headed our way. bob has the complete forecast. >> a scandal in the nfl tied with a former redskins coach. gregg williams's admission, and how it is tied to the burgundy and gold. >> smoking in a car with your children.
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♪ ♪ pierre! your fashion is so "right now," but your banking is so last season! earn more with high yield free checking a at capital one bank. instead of some unfashionable rate your checking could be earning five times the national average. and free atms anywhere. five times the interest? that's hot. oooooo! let's catwalk! you want more interest? open an account at a capital one bank. what's in your wallet? does this make my thes look big? >> an alert about the plan that
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is aimed to help your children in the car. there is a state bill in maryland that would ban anybody from smoking in a vehicle in the presence of a small child. ben eisler has reaction from supporters and opponents. >> a state senator drafted the bill to ban anybody from smoking inside of a car with children inside. tonight, we got mixed and strong reaction. >> no smoking. >> this job has begun learning about the dangers of smoking. her father from rockville used to light up, but now says nobody should be allowed to do so with kids in the car. >> i do not want to fathom the idea of hearing of a child who got one cancer from being in the car. that that opinion could become law and the state of maryland. then the children cannot defend themselves and somebody should
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stick up for them. >> the bill would ban smoking in cars with children under the age of 8. some oppose it because they say it is too much state involvement. >> it should be up to the parent rather than a wall. >> it could carry a fine of up to $50 although it is not a moving violation. legislators try to pass a similar measure last year but failed. most people say they hope this time they succeed. >> it is all about the kids. keep them healthy, right? >> other states, including louisiana, california, and arkansas have similar laws. ben eisler, abc 7 news. >> we are still on storm watch following the devastating storms in parts of the south and midwest. when the weather like this happens, technology makes all of the difference when it comes to warning people. bob ryan has the first look at
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new technology that will help forecast the storms? >> this is new doppler that could make a difference. we just got it installed ourselves this week. this pinpoint these terrible tornadoes, some of the severe storms. five super doppler radar is one of the great tools and forecasting, but now we will also be using the first big advance and doppler raider and 20 years, called dual pole. it is like putting on a pair of polarized sunglasses. everything can be seen clear. this man is the radar programmer. >> now we see smaller region's developing quicker and how intense they are in the middle of that. >> the key to the new radar is it gets radar signals from rain hail and snow in two
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directions. it allows even to see large raindrops that could lead to flash flooding. this gives a better lead for forecasting. as we go into the spring and summer, what is the key point? >> better flood forecasting from the large raindrops and hail, and better health for testing. -- and better hail forecasting. >> see this area? that is a debris ball that can be picked up from the tornadoes. this is what will be able to better pick up. this was a tennis ball sized hail. here is where they are now some of the leftovers. fortunately, we had the moist air over us, so these thunderstorms, even though they are left over from the terrible tornadoes, they have really diminished. there are still tornado watches
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some until 2:00 in the morning around atlanta. around us, all that is left is this area of showers coming through. look at the reports, still beginning more than 270 tornado warnings today. more than 100 tornado reports including those tragic tornadoes all the way from indiana into alabama. right now, 48 degrees in washington. last night, the dip in the jet stream. as we go through the night these left over showers of rubble's of thunder. we are still under a flood watch, could have a local heavy rain. tomorrow, finally moves off. with the lingering rain showers on the eastern shore in the morning, prince george's county tomorrow afternoon and evening, northwest wind. the temperature back into the 40's. a quiet week coming up.
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as we get into sunday, partly sunny skies. lingering showers tomorrow, nothing severe tonight or tomorrow. there could be lingering left over heavy showers localized flooding but nothing widespread. certainly, no severe weather. i know a lot of people were concerned after seeing the pictures from the mid part of the country. any rumbles of thunder are just weakening thunderstorms. sunday, the high temperatures, low 50's. next week, quiet not only for us but a wide area of the country, which is good news. the posted 24/7,, the weather, live doppler and more on the new technology that probably did help pinpoint the terrible tornadoes today. >> that was impressive stuff. >> tennis ball sized haikl, march 2. >> busy day in sports.
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the nfl is ready to nail greg williams. and capitals get beat. they're still on the outside looking in.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> the capitals were out-hit at verizon, trailing by three after one. they got booed in the phone booth. new jersey making life miserable for the capitals. the capsule look to be in slow motion. the devils were flying. the devils got a hat trick on a short-handed goal. the capitals power play was anemic. it hard to believe with so much at stake, 18 games left, 5-0 the
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final, new jersey over the caps. the redskins used their franchise tag on fred davis. he was set to become a free agent. he is only 26. it is a smart move by the redskins. the big story in the nfl defensive coordinator gregg williams and the saints paying a bounty for game ending injuries. 22-27 players were involved, administered by gregg williams, with the knowledge of head coach shawn peyton. it tripled in the playoffs. the redskins say that williams paid for kill shots when he was here. the nfl has not handed out punishment, but it could involve fines and suspensions. williams has apologized. tiger woods made the cut at the honda classic, but it was another inconsistent around. he is 7 back calling into the weekend, but still showing flashes of greatness.
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running up onto the green 15 feet. tiger woods birdied the last two holes, still very much in the hunt. he is seven shots back. pete weber is one of the brightest colors of all time but one of the most controversy all. he has millions and earnings, but when he won his fifth u.s. open, take a look and listen. >> strike to claim it. he got it! >> i did it! no. 5! >> how about the look his wife gives him. that says, wait until i get you outside. one of the greatest bowlers of all time. women's acc basketball, maryland beat virginia, to advance to the
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semifinals of the acc tournament. the maryland men play virginia on sunday. i will be announcing that at comcast. we have all gotten that look from our lives. and i hope that he enjoyed that kiss. that may b
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>> abc 7 is gearing up for the possible unveiling of the ipad 3.
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go to facebook, like us, and sign up on the left side of the page. at the contest runs until next friday. but it is delivered, we will put aside for the lucky winner.
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>> the last look at doppler some thunderstorms coming through washington. local heavy rain, the last of lightning. nothing like the terrible outbreak of storms which may be the worst tornado outbreak ever in march. a lot of video and a blog, the worst tornado outbreak in march, probably and recorded history. >> nothing surprises us coming
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from you. >> it is friday. >> thank you for joining us. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for an incredible price: just $89.99 a month for two years with a two-year agreement. it's an amazing deal, but it's for a limited time only. so don't wait. want to save even more? call right now and we l add a special bonus: $300 back. unlike cable, fios delivers a 100% fiber-optic network to your home. get america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet plus the best tv picture quality, and more hd. why keep paying so much for cable? switch to fios for just $89.99
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